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Taiwan 22K vs. Hong Kong 70K

Post by I I Chen Just the newest news from one of Taiwan online newspaper on April 30, 2013, the new report of young people obtains their first full time employment. Hong Kong graduated students of 2012 is three times higher than Taiwan graduated students. According to the news, Hong Kong University, public one of … Continue reading

Senkaku Iskands Dispute

By I I Chen (iic5048) Why Senkaku islands are so important? The Senkaku islands are located in the East China Sea between Japan, Taiwan and China. Senkaku islands are deserted islands. The most important purpose to own these islands is their strategic points, territory, and the great natural resources such as, natural gas, and other … Continue reading

The Myth of Rich Second Generation in China

By I I Chen (iic5048) What is the definition of rich second generation? In the 20 century, because of the Chinese economic reform, various privately owned enterprises grow very fast. More Chinese people build their business from nothing to become entrepreneurs, and their children also become the second rich generation. However, because they are living … Continue reading