Posted in April 2013

The Lantern Festival in Taiwan

By Yooji Yang One of the famous festivals in Taiwan is known as Lantern Festival. It is the annual celebration happens in Taiwan. Many related countries also have this festival; however, since we focus more of Taiwan and China, so I decided to focus on Taiwan’s Lantern Festival. Since this festival is huge, many people … Continue reading

Chinese New Year Day- tradition

Every country around the world is celebrating the New Year’s Day or New Year’s Eve. China is one of the countries, which celebrate huge during these days. It is one of the huge festivals within China that everyone enjoys and celebrates New Year with the family all together. Celebrating New Year’s Day is the tradition … Continue reading

Radio Taiwan International

Xinyi Li (xxl5093) Radio Taiwan International serves as the “voice of Taiwan” also. It is established by the government in Taiwan, and it is also the only public media organization, which provides the international broadcasting. It provides about 13 languages, such as mandarins, Hakka, Cantonese, English, and Japanese etc. It is the first Chinese radio … Continue reading

New Media in China —- Cell Phones

Xinyi Li (xxl5093) New media has strong formalization, strong reaction, high recovery, convenient usages, and various sources. In China, experts reported that Chinese new media developed with a rapid speed in Chinese market with 35% more than the average speed. For the word “NEW”, Chinese media agency gives the perception of it: new platform of … Continue reading

Film Censorship in China X Hollywood

By YingTing Tseng (YXT5059) When we mention about the love and hate between Chinese film censorship and Hollywood movies, one current example is the Amercian movie, ‘Djiango Unchained’. On April 11, 2013, The New York Times reports, “The American film “Django Unchained” was abruptly pulled from theaters in China on Thursday, its opening day, a … Continue reading

Tiger Mother and The Reality

Tiger Mother and The Reality

By: Yooji Yang What do you think when you hear the term “Tiger mom?” Tiger mom seems the mothers who are harsh on their children to do their works and not allow their children to play. Tiger mom is well known term for the Chinese mother. One of the reasons that Chinese mothers became “Tiger … Continue reading

Naming Taboo: Taiwan

By YingTing Tseng (YXT5059) As I mention in the previous post, Naming Taboo: China, there is also one very similar incident happened in Taiwan; we call it, 2/28 Incident during the White Terror era (1949-1987). According to the BBC news, Anniversary of Deadly Taiwan Riot, written by Caroline Gluck, “the event was an aspiring that began … Continue reading

New Documentaries in China: A Bite of China

Xinyi Li (xxl5093) Documentary, as a special category of television show, tries to face to the world, which means it will enter the global market. However, some experts of other countries say that Chinese documentaries have low ideological level, and little narrative thinking, slow pace although China has special angle of shooting, sensitive emotion of … Continue reading

CCTV Station in China

Xinyi Li (xxl5093) CCTV is the abbreviation of China Central Television. It is one of the official medias of the People’s Republic of China, and it is under control of the nation. There are 45 channels that are classified to focus on different categories of contents. All these 45 channels are broadcasted by satellite. Otherwise, … Continue reading