What can be done on a subway train?

What can be done on a subway train?

For the past couple weeks, Taiwanese people have been talking actively about this unbelievable news of two young people having oral sex on MRT (Taiwanese subway) in KaoHsiung. The young lady lay down on the guy’s lap pretending to be taking a nap began to give him a oral sex on train. Although her head was covered by a jacket, others on the train were able to tell what was going on, especially the train was packed with people. This whole scene was recorded by travelers from HongKong and posted on Facebook. From there the video got exploded by many Taiwanese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese,and even Italian.

The two “main characters” turns out to be two people who had just met for the first day. They were only chat buddies on the Internet and decided to date for the first time. The young man is a college student in Taipei, while the young lady is only a high schooler.

The story eventually got onto the news which made it even more sensational. Many people on the Internet starting to make jokes about the two. Such as eating a hot dog under a jacket in the train (because eating is prohibit on train in Taiwan), and drinking a cup of bubble tea (which is also prohibit).

Another issue with this story is that, the original video did not cover up their faces so that people who had seen the video could recognize their look and even identify them. Since it violates the portraiture right in Taiwan, the original video got removed, however, some internet users were able to keep the original file and upload it somewhere else. No matter which version people had watched, mental and spiritual harm had already been done to the both of them.

Once again, Facebook has proved to us its powerful impact. The news media eventually reported this story and made it nationally known to everyone in Taiwan. Which further made a lot of people begin to question Taiwanese’s humanistic quality. People are ashamed of it since it was discovered by foreigners. Hopefully no one is going to do anything “unethical” again on train.

At the end, I would like to ask the question that if you were to see this scene yourself on a subway would you recorded it and post it on Facebook or Youtube just like what had been done to these two young people? Do you think it is okay to do so?

Done By Yu Hsuan Cheng


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