Low Salary rate in Taiwan

95% of Taiwanese people want to work in China

Post by I I Chen

because of the economic growth, recently China has become of the powerful developing country in Asia. Comparing Taiwan’s salary requirement rate, which is the 22K policy, there are around 95% of the Taiwanese people would like to work in China, and also around 77% of high technology industries would like to move into China market. One of the biggest reasons for people like to work in China market is the employment policy actually is better than Taiwan market. The China co-workers have better policy protection and service. Chinese companies and industry are willing to pay higher salary to hire better employee to work for them. but compare to Taiwan, companies are always complaining they are paying “Too much” to their employees. Of course people are willing going to further place to earn higher income.

According to the data from the Chinese News center, some of developed cities, such as Shang Hui, Beijing, their employee market are saturated, so the companies hiring rate also decreasing slightly. However, Taiwanese people still willing to find the jobs in the second developing cities such as, Chong Qing, Nanjing, and Tian.

Even through, the living environment is not as good as Taiwan, sand storm is the biggest pollution in China, because of the high salary, Taiwanese people do not want to suffering in a low salary economic, they still want to give themselves another opportunity to find a job, apparently, this phenomena shows bad of Taiwan economic.

News translated from http://www.chinareviewnews.com/doc/1024/2/6/8/102426866.html?coluid=10&kindid=254&docid=102426866&mdate=0202084144


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