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The Great Firewall of China

The Great Firewall of China is an Internet censorship project done by the Chinese government. The official name is The Golden Shield Project. Started in 1994, same year as the Internet entered in China. What it is is a work of public security information technology projects, including: public security and facilities-based communications network platform construction, … Continue reading

Film Censorship in China X Hollywood

By YingTing Tseng (YXT5059) When we mention about the love and hate between Chinese film censorship and Hollywood movies, one current example is the Amercian movie, ‘Djiango Unchained’. On April 11, 2013, The New York Times reports, “The American film “Django Unchained” was abruptly pulled from theaters in China on Thursday, its opening day, a … Continue reading

Naming Taboo: Taiwan

By YingTing Tseng (YXT5059) As I mention in the previous post, Naming Taboo: China, there is also one very similar incident happened in Taiwan; we call it, 2/28 Incident during the White Terror era (1949-1987). According to the BBC news, Anniversary of Deadly Taiwan Riot, written by Caroline Gluck, “the event was an aspiring that began … Continue reading

Naming Taboo: China

By YingTing Tseng (YXT5059) Thomas Jefferson once said, “I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past”.  However, for most Chinese people, they are only allowed to look forward.  In China, Tiananmen Square Protest is one typical taboo which can not be found in the history textbook. Tiananmen Square Protest … Continue reading

Placement Marketing in Taiwan

By YingTing Tseng (YXT5059) Are you watching a TV show or a commercial?  In many developed countries, product placement is not a new topic to discuss.  However, in Taiwan, the fine line in between is now no longer existed, on the contrary, it is legal to sponsor in most TV programs. A news article, Culture … Continue reading

Unlimited Freedom in Taiwan

By YingTing Tseng (YXT5059) In Taiwan, the role of media has been dramatically changed in recent decades; the value of journalistic professionalism is also being questioned by the society. (Are you short sighted?) Yes… In 2005, Mark Magnier published an article, They Can’t Handle the Truth, in the Los Angeles Times: “Part of the Taiwanese … Continue reading

Big Brother in China

By YingTing Tseng (YXT5059) How do we make sense of China?  In this blog post, the main idea of press freedom in China will be based on a scholar report, Media Censorship in China, written by Isabella Bennett; and the context will follow the original question-and-answer format for providing a better flow.  And a personal … Continue reading