Senkaku Iskands Dispute

By I I Chen (iic5048)

Why Senkaku islands are so important?

The Senkaku islands are located in the East China Sea between Japan, Taiwan and China. Senkaku islands are deserted islands. The most important purpose to own these islands is their strategic points, territory, and the great natural resources such as, natural gas, and other mineral resources.


The relationship between China, Taiwan and Japan

The issue of sovereignty has been carefully circumvented in bilateral fishing agreements. In the 1997, the Senkaku islands were officially excluded from China’s exclusive economic zone, but in a letter of intent Japan explained that Japan would not prevent China boats from fishing there. Some Chinese sources have subsequently argued that this letter constitutes a waiver of Japan’s claim to exclusive fishing right.

In addition, in 2008, a number have occurred due to the presence of Chinese or Taiwanese fishing vessels in sea zones claimed by Japan. Then, On 7 September 2010, a Chinese fishing trawler collided with two Japanese Coast Guard patrol boats in disputed waters near the islands. The collisions occurred after the Japanese Coast Guard ordered the trawler to leave the area. After the collisions, Japanese sailors boarded the Chinese vessel and arrested the captain Zhan Qixiong. Japan held the captain until 24 September. Several times of the arguments, Japan, China and Taiwan are already in a very tie situation.


There have been a number of public protests in all three countries, often triggered by the specific incidents noted above. The first major set of protests revolved around the 2010 boat collision, with protests being held in Japan, China, and Taiwan. In 2012, major protests began in August 2012 after reports that the Japanese government was considering purchasing the islands. The protests continued after the formal purchase into the middle of September. At the height of the protests, there were demonstrations in as many as 85 Chinese cities, along with Hong Kong, and the United States. In many cases, these protests included anti-Japanese violence, vandalism, and arson.



One thought on “Senkaku Iskands Dispute

  1. The Senkaku Islands hold an interesting location. They are in between Japan, Taiwan and China, and at one point, the United States had control until 1972. The islands hold readily available resources that the three eastern countries are disputing over. I believe the Senkaku islands, which is only about 5 islands, is too small for 3 major countries to argue over. There is no way they are going to settle with an agreement unless two other countries get paid a large amount of money. Also, it is impossible to split the resources between the countries because Japan and China would demand a lot more resources than Taiwan. It’s simply not fair for the underdog. According to this blog, there have been protests regarding the ownership of the islands. There have been arson attempts, boats have been wrecked and extreme vandalism in various cities. These types of disturbances are not worth the tiny islands off shore. These countries need to forget this situation ever started and focus on other sources of energy. The world needs to discover other sources of energy besides oil. China and Japan are world leaders when it comes to innovation. Instead of “mass disturbances” they should focus on innovation that would benefit the masses rather than their own country.

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