The Myth of Rich Second Generation in China

By I I Chen (iic5048)

What is the definition of rich second generation?

In the 20 century, because of the Chinese economic reform, various privately owned enterprises grow very fast. More Chinese people build their business from nothing to become entrepreneurs, and their children also become the second rich generation. However, because they are living a comfortable environment, and well protective by the first rich generation, which is their parents, the society start having several negative phenomenon by second rich generations.

Real negative news in China Image

2009.7.5, 26 Ferraris appear in Chengdu City speeding on highways, and got caught by polices. The picture on the top is the most popular picture on the internet news because it is not normal to see that 26 Ferraris appear at the same time in China. According the news reports, all the owners of those Ferraris are all the young rich second generations.


In the same month, 2009.7.12, in Fu-Chow city, a rich second generation name Wang, tried to molest a girl, and she only rejected him. He smacked her several time until the girl’s gums has bled, and right side of her jaw fractured. After the case happened, Wang’s parents even went to the hospital, and make a fake medical injury report of the girl and tried to reduce the penalty for their son. Also, Wang tried to escape to the US by using his citizenship in the United States, and got caught in the border.


News happened again in the same month on 2009.7.13, a man kill one girl who he had loved for long time in a department store in Chongqing City. The girl got 76 chopped by the man, and died at that moment.


On 2009.5.7, a car speeding accident happened in Hangzhou City. A 20 years old college student driver was speeding on local road, and crashed on a graduate student name Tan-Zhuo, and Tan-Zhuo was bleeding everywhere and died at that moment. However, when the accident happened, driver’s friends were still chit chatting on the side and pretending nothing just happened. Even then student driver was in court; the first thing he said is that he was not speeding at that time.

What are they thinking of these rich second young generation?

The backup plan for those young rich second generation is their parents. A lot of people said the society is sick, but actually everything happened all has its reason, which the education from the parents. They have rich parents to protect them, and also money is everything. Money can solve all the problems that they caught. Most of time, when the cases happened, those young rich people will still shout to people that “my parents are………” to show off their rich parents because they know that people will scare away by their powerful parents. However, they did not know that besides their parents, they are nothing.



4 thoughts on “The Myth of Rich Second Generation in China

  1. This was an incredibly interesting post and a great look into the different culture found in China as compared to the United States. I for one know may people in America that would fall into this category of the “rich second young generation” and I must admit they are the type of people who easily get on my nerves. The things listed in this post that these teens were guilty of were pretty disturbing, such as the man who tried to run away after breaking the womans jaw. In my own opinion I feel as if money is the culprit here, for when people have more money, they feel more entitled. The point raised at the end that these kids are “nothing” without their parents who support them I feel is a fair point as well. The sad truth is that money can influence many things including outcomes of justice. This happens in America, China, and no doubt many other places all over the world. Perhaps younger generations instead of getting spoiled should be taught to respect all people regardless of their income level.

  2. I agree with the author that the problem with rich second generation is a quite serious one in China right now. I think one of the biggest reasons for this to happen is that they are the “second” generation of rich family, which means that their parents just became rich from low to middle class. Such problem won’t happen if the entire family has been rich for many generations. I know in a lot of cases these families become rich because of some certain opportunities like coal mining, which means that although they earned a lot of money, their education didn’t improve as the same time their wealth improve. When the parents realize the power of money as they get rich, they tend to use this powerful “thing” to solve any problem they have. Also, as the team members have pointed out during presentation that, most of these kids are the only child in the family and thus even pushed their parents to do whatever they can to keep them in good status. I think it is really urgent for the country to improve education for not only the kids, but also for their parents, the “new” rich businessmen about ethics and what they should do to better maintain the dignity of the family.

  3. This article was actually very intersting. Like in America, the people that have a lot of money have more power but clearly it is to another extreme in China. In China, the people who have a lot of money basically control everything. Obviously I think this is unfair and this article and situations only confirmed that this is obsurd. In America, if I get hit by a car, i would most likely sue the person. If the person who hit me is wealthy, if anything I would be more motivated to sue them for money and lots of it. In China, is a person got hit my a car, all the driver has to say it that their parents have money and the case magically goes away. This is not justice. It is unfair and treating the people that are not filthy rich as if they are not important, maybe not even human, when compared to a rich person. To be able to buy thier way out of anything says a lot about how important money is in China and how it shapes their society. Obviously money shapes our society as well, but not to this extreme. I am not feaful of the people that have a lot of money. yes i do think they can access to more oppurtunites than I might have but at the end of the day, I can still love a comfortable life and even rely on our system to protect me against people who are wealthy and trying to take advantage of their wealth. In China it is not like that and that is very unfair, especially to the people that were not born into a rich family. A lot of people say that they wish they had enough money to be able to solve all of their problems by simply writing a check but I think we need to think about the people on the other side and how it affects and even belittles them. A lot of people don’t think this way because of the selfish society we grow up in. It is never a big deal until you or someone close to you is the one being mistreated. Obviously this is not all people but I feel it is much this way in China. The rich people wouldnt understand the affect of their selfish actions unless they were in the place of the victims that have to basically suffer because they don’t have enough money. But until then, they are going to keep doing what they are doing and that is whatever they want because all of their problems and mistakes can be solved with money. I obviously feel this is unfair and by reading this article and the situations, my opinion still remains.

  4. The rich second generation is definitely a problem that China is facing. It is not necessarily their actions that are the problem, rather how they go about portraying themselves and their responses to their actions is the problem. The fact that these rich second generation people know that they can get away with more than most people is the serious issue. However, this issue, to some extent, exists everywhere. Think about here in the U.S. – people who grow up in wealthy homes with rich parents are often referred to as “snobs” and “spoiled.” Many rich families will do everything they can to get their kids into college, to pay for great lawyers when they get into trouble, etc. This is very similar to the issue China faces in regards to the rich second generation.

    The sad thing about the issue is that there really isn’t anything that can be done about it. There will always be wealthy parents who will do whatever they can for their kids, even if it means paying them out of trouble. Hopefully, this will someday change. But it is very doubtful and wishful thinking.

    The scary thing about situations like you spoke of above is that these young people think that their parents will always be able to get out of bad situations because of their parents titles / money. Someday, they will do something so extreme that their parents will not be able to help them.

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