Education in Taiwan

Post by I I Chen The educational system in Taiwan is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education. According to the news report, recent educational reforms intended to address these criticisms are a topic of intense debate in Taiwan. Although current law mandates only nine years of schooling, 95% of students go on to high school … Continue reading

Chinese Women fluctuating the Gold Price

On April 12th, the value of gold has been continuously decreasing, in just 10 days, chinese women spent four thousand and seven hundred billion Taiwanese dollars on 300 tonnes of gold. This amount was way over what was spent last year.   Starting of March this year, many economist pointed out that gold may be … Continue reading

Low Salary rate in Taiwan

95% of Taiwanese people want to work in China Post by I I Chen because of the economic growth, recently China has become of the powerful developing country in Asia. Comparing Taiwan’s salary requirement rate, which is the 22K policy, there are around 95% of the Taiwanese people would like to work in China, and … Continue reading

What can be done on a subway train?

For the past couple weeks, Taiwanese people have been talking actively about this unbelievable news of two young people having oral sex on MRT (Taiwanese subway) in KaoHsiung. The young lady lay down on the guy’s lap pretending to be taking a nap began to give him a oral sex on train. Although her head … Continue reading

The Great Firewall of China

The Great Firewall of China is an Internet censorship project done by the Chinese government. The official name is The Golden Shield Project. Started in 1994, same year as the Internet entered in China. What it is is a work of public security information technology projects, including: public security and facilities-based communications network platform construction, … Continue reading

Taiwan 22K vs. Hong Kong 70K

Post by I I Chen Just the newest news from one of Taiwan online newspaper on April 30, 2013, the new report of young people obtains their first full time employment. Hong Kong graduated students of 2012 is three times higher than Taiwan graduated students. According to the news, Hong Kong University, public one of … Continue reading

The Brides of May

In May, we can see many couples are taking wedding pictures or getting married. There are many different types of marriage and it could be depend on what countries they came from and their choices of doing what type of marriage. Chinese people have their own traditional marriage in the past; however, many Chinese people … Continue reading

Binge Drinking in China

By Yooji Yang Drinking can be one of the good ways to interact with other people. Sometimes by drinking, people can make the good relationship with others. Every country has its own drinking culture both in good and bad ways. We cannot miss the drinking culture in China also. Since every country has its own … Continue reading