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What can be done on a subway train?

For the past couple weeks, Taiwanese people have been talking actively about this unbelievable news of two young people having oral sex on MRT (Taiwanese subway) in KaoHsiung. The young lady lay down on the guy’s lap pretending to be taking a nap began to give him a oral sex on train. Although her head … Continue reading

The Brides of May

In May, we can see many couples are taking wedding pictures or getting married. There are many different types of marriage and it could be depend on what countries they came from and their choices of doing what type of marriage. Chinese people have their own traditional marriage in the past; however, many Chinese people … Continue reading

Binge Drinking in China

By Yooji Yang Drinking can be one of the good ways to interact with other people. Sometimes by drinking, people can make the good relationship with others. Every country has its own drinking culture both in good and bad ways. We cannot miss the drinking culture in China also. Since every country has its own … Continue reading

The Lantern Festival in Taiwan

By Yooji Yang One of the famous festivals in Taiwan is known as Lantern Festival. It is the annual celebration happens in Taiwan. Many related countries also have this festival; however, since we focus more of Taiwan and China, so I decided to focus on Taiwan’s Lantern Festival. Since this festival is huge, many people … Continue reading

Tiger Mother and The Reality

Tiger Mother and The Reality

By: Yooji Yang What do you think when you hear the term “Tiger mom?” Tiger mom seems the mothers who are harsh on their children to do their works and not allow their children to play. Tiger mom is well known term for the Chinese mother. One of the reasons that Chinese mothers became “Tiger … Continue reading

10 Interesting Facts about Taiwan

By YingTing Tseng (YXT5059) 1. Taiwan has the lowest birth rate in the world. The ministry of the Interior attributed the rebound to government policies to encourage births, as well as it is an auspicious time to give birth during the year of the Dragon (2012).  Measures introduced by the government to boost the birth … Continue reading

Taiwan: Pop Culture and stars

As same as all the countries, we cannot miss the Taiwan’s pop culture. Like any other countries, in Taiwan, there are so many famous pop stars that majority people in Taiwan like. Within so many pop stars, I would like to introduce some of the famous singers. Music Video: Jay Chou “Big Ben” Jay Chou … Continue reading

China’s One Child Policy

The One Child Policy in China is well known around the world. The article that I have found shows how this system affects to the people and how well this system works out. One Child Policy is the policy that changed the country totally different from the past. Because of this policy the abortion rate … Continue reading