The Great Firewall of China

The Great Firewall of China is an Internet censorship project done by the Chinese government. The official name is The Golden Shield Project. Started in 1994, same year as the Internet entered in China. What it is is a work of public security information technology projects, including: public security and facilities-based communications network platform construction, public security computer system, the work of public security information technology standards and norms system, public security network and information security system, public security work of the Operation and Management Information System, National Public Information Network Security Monitoring Center, and the list just goes on.

The Golden Shield Project is the reason why Chinese people in China cannot get on websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Google (except for Google HongKong). The Chinese people had to invent websites very much similar to those. For example, Baidu is use as Chinese Google, RenRen as facebook, Weibo as Twitter.

The government authorities does not only have the ability to block sites and content but they could also monitor every single Internet activity, message, photo, and basically every content that had interaction between its citizens. Which led to the very limited Internet freedom today. People using the Internet access in China has a limited freedom to speak of anything related to the concepts of Democracy, human rights, dictatorship, despotism, anti-communist, communist bandits, oppression, Red Terror, evil, exile, Tibet, XingJiang, and some politicians. Even mobile application is under this policy control.

But do not underestimate the power of Chinese Internet. Although the Chinese people don’t really have the right to criticize the government. But when they do they mostly do it online, especially on Weibo. Weibo has now become the outlet of the Chinese people if they have a problem with issue regarding its country they release their thoughts and feeling by “tweeting” about it. Very soon an issue will be discovered by others and many more, possibly world wide. The Chinese government now has allow users of Weibo to continue to do so, perhaps, this way people won’t go on street and start a riot every time “something” happens with the Chinese governors.

Here I just want to ask everyone that, do you think The Golden Shield Project is a unfair policy to the Chinese people or do you think that it might be the only way to maintain a peacefulness for such large country?

If you would like to know more about this issue, I recommend everyone to listen to Michael’s speech on TED. The video is provided above.

Done by Yu Hsuan Cheng


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