Taiwan: Pop Culture and stars

As same as all the countries, we cannot miss the Taiwan’s pop culture. Like any other countries, in Taiwan, there are so many famous pop stars that majority people in Taiwan like. Within so many pop stars, I would like to introduce some of the famous singers.


Music Video: Jay Chou “Big Ben”
Jay Chou is the most famous singer in Taiwan. In Taiwan, he “could easily bill as the Michael Jackson of Asia.” Not only he is a singer but also he is songwriter, actor, and director. CNN also interviewed with Jay Chou about his new album, “Big Ben,” which was “written in a day during a trip to London.” This shows how much he likes to travel, even though he is so busy of all of his works. For this album, he traveled many other countries and for him, “traveling is fun no matter for work or leisure.” He does not do only one genre of music, but also tries many other genres such as R&B, rap, rock, etc.



WuBai- Lang Ren Qing Ge

Wu Chin-lin, also known as Wu Bai, is known as “Bon Jovi of Taiwan.” “Wu Bai & China Blue have been playing music together since 1992, and have built a loyal following that is with them to this day.” He is also known as The King of Rock and the band could be called the “Rolling Stones of Asia.”

Not only them, but also there are many celebrities who got fame from Taiwanese and famous in Taiwan. However, there was lack of opportunities for them to expand their album around other part of the world, such as in Europe or America. As the generations past, and the development of Internet usage give Asia countries celebrities to expand their field to different part of the world. “French music fans are being urged to participate in a music event in Paris on Jan. 30, which will showcase Taiwanese artists.” Nowadays, many fans from all around the world are eager to see celebrities from Asia and see many Asian media.

Watching how well the celebrities from Asia expand their field around the world and introduce their countries, I thought the race is not the biggest problem anymore. Even though the languages are different, the music is the power of connecting all the people.

Questions: what do you think of expansion of Asian pop culture around other part of the world? by watching their music video, what do you think of their music?







8 thoughts on “Taiwan: Pop Culture and stars

  1. After reading this post, I’ve realized how very little Americans know about other countries pop cultures. It is always refreshing to see other interests in music, movies and other forms of entertainment. Obviously it is hard for Americans to become accustomed to Asian media and other forms of Asian entertainment because we are not constantly exposed to it. There are clearly barriers in forms of speech, context of language and symbolism or icons. But then I remember that Americanized media can also be hard to pick up on, especially certain forms of humor. As for the expansion of Asian pop culture to other parts of the world is an extremely beneficial thing. I definitely think it is a great way to pick up on certain cultural differences and customs. I think the use of internet creates a great platform for many Asian media entities because having something on the internet means it could go viral. Asian media, for Americans is different and something out of the ordinary and could definitely gain popularity just like the extreme popularity of Gangnam Style from South Korea. After watching the music videos, there is no doubt in my mind that this entertainment is different but rightfully so. As an American I need to be exposed to different things to learn them and this is probably the first time I have ever had someone present their favorite artists to me. But then I put myself in an outsiders shoes and realize that American music is extremely different for them. So, it is all about language and context and how we interpret those messages in these types of media messages. I definitely think that certain types of music and entertainment could become universal or there should be something that becomes universal because that would create a common platform that many cultures and different people could share.
    -Marissa Peterson

  2. I agree with Marissa in that Americans know very little about pop culture in other countries. While popular entertainment sources like comedy are very different amongst all countries, I do think that music is a unifying force amongst nations. Look at famous American artists, like Justin Bieber, who tour all over the world. I actually commented on a post about music earlier today from the group who examined North and South Korea. This particular blog post talked about the growing popularity of K-pop from Seoul in America. K-pop is HUGE in South Korea and it is a multi-million dollar industry. I think the expansion of Asian pop culture around the world is a positive thing because the world of entertainment, especially music, opens the doors to learning about a new culture. That being said, I personally could not see myself getting into Asian pop music. After watching these videos, I feel like they are not all that different from American music videos. The themes and settings of these videos look just like American music videos and both of these artists are clearly talented. So why don’t Americans get into this music? I think that within cultures, people stick to what they are comfortable with and what people around them listen to. If American radio stations started playing Asian pop music, then more people would pay attention to it. Realistically, Asian pop music is not going to get on American radio stations.

  3. This article was interesting and fun. I really enjoyed it. The United States has such a prominent pop culture presence that we do not often take the time to learn about the pop culture in other countries. I always find music and films in other countries really interesting but I have definitely never looked into pop culture in Taiwan.

    I think that it is important to look into the pop culture in other countries because it tells a lot about the country itself. Music and films are an inside glance at the every day life of their respective countries. From pop culture, we can get a general idea of a population’s likes and dislikes, lifestyle, and political issues. Pop culture can reveal a great deal of information about the political issues that are most important to the people of that country.

    I think that the expansion of Asian pop culture around the world is exciting and will be great for Asian artists who are looking to expand their audience. I do not think that many countries are well aware of the Asian pop culture because it does not often leak into other countries. However, I would definitely be interested to see how it is received and how popular it becomes.

    I really like that you included a link to watch a music video because that is the best way to fully understand and appreciate this blog post. I liked the music video and thought it was interesting to see the differences between Asian music/pop culture and American. However, the music was catchy, and that goes to show that in most countries, music is a really important part of the culture. Overall, I am very interested to see how Asian pop culture expands in the next few years throughout different countries.

    Tara Brzycki

  4. This was a neat blog because it not only mentioned a few popular singers but explained for those like me who don’t know much about them what they are like by comparing them to American culture icons. The first guy seems really interesting. They compared him to Michael Jackson which means he must be huge there and they fact that he is also a songwriter, actor and directory makes me think of Justin Timberlake who is huge in America right now. I found it really impressive that he wrote his album Big Ben in one day while he was visiting London. To be able to do that in one day takes a lot of skill in my opinion. I think it is great and important that with internet increasing in popularity these days these Taiwanese artists are getting their talent out internationally. I personally was not a fan of the songs but that is not a fair critique as it is hard for me to connect to something I can’t understand. The tunes and voices weren’t bad it just it didn’t really resonate with me because I didn’t understand what was going on in the song.

  5. I think that there is always a market for different kinds of music. You don’t have to necessarily be part of the singer’s culture to appreciate their music. I have many non-Asian friends who absolutely love Asian music. As long as these artists aim their music toward these fans, which they seem to be doing, I don’t see any problem with their expansion. Their music will slowly start to seep into other cultures and become part of it. Many times, artists just need one “big break” to really gain the exposure they need to make it big as an international artist. For example, Psy was not really well known until Gangnam Style hit the radio. After that song finally reached America, he completely blew up here and his little dance became well known among people and celebrities. Their music is definitely a little more over the top but it’s still similar to the pop music that we have here today. This connection will definitely help these artists become big not only in their countries, but all over the world as well.

  6. I really enjoyed reading this post. It shows that Americans know very little about other countries pop cultures. A perfect example is the popular song, “Gangnam Style” (agreeing to what Marissa said) in America is like nothing in South Korea. It is interesting to be engaged in other cutlures music and movies, however, Americans can only do so much to really get expose to all the cultures media unless we go search for it ourselves. The U.S is huge on the pop culture that we do not think of taking the time to search for other countries music culture. Whatever our society makes popular, we pretty much follow and act the same way. The music videos that I have watched are so fun and entertaining, I wish I had someone from every culture so that I could have more exposure about music in other cultures. I’m sure people in Asia are thinking just like me too.
    The expansion of Asian pop culture is a great way to pick up the different kinds of media and customs other countries have. I think the Internet is an important search tool for Asian counties to have access to because this can spread exposure of other cultures and media as well.

  7. What do I think of the music? Well, not much, really. The production sounds somewhat universal, as I can imagine an American singer crooning over the beats.
    But when you understand so little of the actual songs, it’s hard to really enjoy them.
    I wouldn’t go as far to say that our western culture has pigeonholed all Asian singers in the same way as Psy, but it feels like it more than it should.
    When people think American music, I would like to believe they take all genres into consideration: country, rap, pop, rock, etc. I would hate thinking that everyone in Taiwan thinks Flo-Rida or Miley Cyrus personifies our music.
    The world really is seeing more of an Asian influence right now than I could recall, so I think Asian pop culture will continue to expand through America and other parts of the world.

  8. This is very interesting because I feel like out of all the Asian countries I hear the least about China and Taiwan’s. J-pop in Japan and K-pop in Korea seem to be the only type of music that becomes global with a huge following. Although, I have watch Taiwanese’s dramas and commercials. I like that these artists are compared to American artists, it kind of gives readers the frame of reference needed when learning about this topic.

    I think the expansion of Asian culture across the world is great, it gives people worldwide a deeper appreciation for different cultures. Especially because the music is so good! Although there is a language barrier, it’s easy to find the lyrics and understand their meanings and messages; a lot are powerful. I hope Taiwanese music is able to expand across the globe and share as much popularity as pop culture from other countries have.

    After watching the video, I think the themes in the video are very similar to music video themes to American ones. I found it odd that he was in London, but it added to the video! I really like it and can’t wait to listening to more, thank you for posting.

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