“F” grade Students can still accept by university?

Post by I I Chen

According to one of the research from China news centers, the quality of Chinese universities is getting lower than previous years. According to the student grade report form many of college entrance examinations, some of the students got a “F” but very surprise is that they still got many admission notice from many universities, and those students also have no clue for any reasons.

Because there are too many Chinese universities that we never heard before and have no any record from pervious educational history, they illegally use various methods to get student’s personal information, such name, address, and address form other agencies and sending out the admission notices to recruiting those bad grade students.


These kinds of phenomena that happen in many recently years because the economic growth, college campuses are more than students, some of the universities or college cannot even recruiting one student in one semester, so they use any kinds of promote to attract those students who has bad grade or cannot afford expensive tuition for other famous universities.

Also because the entrance rate of college students are almost 100%, students do not need to worry have no college degree because everyone can get into a college. That also cause another problem is that the salary start rate decreasing because of the quality of college graduated students. This Problem is increasing in China society, education researchers also worry this phenomena, because there are almost 100% of people holding college degree and walking on the streets looking for jobs, in another words, College digress is not valuable anymore.



News resource form: http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/jw!jo_r3f6WEQFPuOSuKngFriZtAg–/article?mid=400



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