2013.4.26 News: Another young generation man kills his 22 years old wife

Post by I I Chen

On April 26, 2013, death news happened in Nanking. A young rich second generation man killed his 22 years old young wife within less than one marriage. According to the news, the man always goes clubbing and locked his beautiful young wife inside the house, and is an extreme alcoholic. This couple both came from a good back ground of rich family. Regarding the news that, they will get married because they “Love” each other for sure, but according to their Facebook friends, they get married only because the Money.

No matter what, the husbands killed her wife only because on the April 25 midnight, the husband went to the club again, and his wife was awake until he got home, he feels he has been watch by his wife and have “no freedom life in his marriage”. The couple started fighting and finally, the husband use a knife to kill the wife only because of his anger.

After the case happened, some of wife’s friends said that in the begging of this year, the wife made a wish to hope “in this new year of 2013, I hope my husband can love me more”, and also because her death, their 4 months little child has no mother anymore.




There are too many those kinds of killing news within these 2 year in China, and always heard that, the killed reasons are all very simple. Another sadness is that, all the news reports, the topic that people talk about is that “what is the background of the husband?”, “the wife’s face looks unnatural, does she have plastic surgery?”, or when her person pictures have been posting in public, people have those kinds of comments said, “she is not as beauty as I expect.” What happen to the China society, why people are focus on those unimportant things that talking someone already dead by her own husband’s hands?


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