Chinese New Year Day- tradition


Every country around the world is celebrating the New Year’s Day or New Year’s Eve. China is one of the countries, which celebrate huge during these days. It is one of the huge festivals within China that everyone enjoys and celebrates New Year with the family all together. Celebrating New Year’s Day is the tradition for the Chinese people.


Before the Chinese New Year, people are trying to clean up all the houses. By doing so they can “get rid of the old and welcome the new.” After the cleaning, Chinese people decorate their houses. The decorations mostly in red colors, which symbolizes the holiday and prosperity, and they put the Chinese characters, “fu” or “chun” upside down because the characters that are upside down means arriving to their houses.


During the Chinese New Year, most people eat “fish, chicken or duck whole, with the head on” because it is their tradition to eat such. This is similar to American people eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Since Chinese New Year is the huge feast, all the family members who are away from home, gathering and celebrating. On the New Year’s Eve, the entire family member eats dinner together. “Normally this is the family reunion dinner.” This is very important for Chinese people because they make the dumplings together and eat for dinner.

images       HK-fireworks

On 12:00 AM of New Year’s Day, people celebrating by doing the fireworks. It keeps going for many hours since fireworks are “to celebrate the coming of the New Year as well as driven away the evil. It is believed that the person who launched the first Fireworks in the New Year will get good luck.”


During this day, Chinese people give the ‘red envelop,’ with money inside, to the children in younger ages. “It was believed that the money in the red packet will suppress the evil from the children, keep the children healthy, and long living.”

Chinese New Year Family Tradition

By looking at these, I can see how important the Chinese New Year Day for Chinese people. Every person enjoys during this week, and people hope that the New Year will full of success. Every country celebrates in different ways. Although there are only few similarities compare to us, we all know that the most important aspect is that all family members can gather around and wishing for success and good health to each other.

Questions: what do you think the solidarities and differences for Chinese New Year celebration and your own country’s New Year celebration? What do you think of Chinese people’s celebrating New Year’s Day?



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