Apple Daily —- The Most Popular Newspaper in Taiwan

Xinyi Li (xxl5093)

Apple Daily is the number one, which has the most audiences, deepest contents, the most fair and most controversial in Taiwan, according to the media list research in 2012. At the same time, it has the highest overall index scores with the best quality in print media. However, users from the mainland of China can only visit Apple Daily temporarily, and they cannot access some images online in Apple Daily’s network. It is owned by Hong Kong based on Next Television.

Image (click the image to connect the link of Apple Daily)

For their political stand of relationship between Taiwan and China, they are fairly neutral because Chinese government chooses to report only what is good while concealing what is unpleasant. However, other Taiwan-friendly journals report what is unpleasant while concealing what is good. Generally, they report both good and unpleasant aspects in this issue. However, they are against the Communist dictatorship of China.

Otherwise, they are not only against the dictatorship on political standpoint but also against the Confucian on culture stand. At most time, they blame social chaos to traditional Chinese culture, which is Confucian culture. Instead, they advocate western culture and liberal democracy because these are symbol of progress.

They are impacted by Next Television so that their news primarily featured view graphs to report, and offer large image on the first page to attract audiences. Moreover, Apple Daily focuses on gossip news a lot with front page or large space to report. This makes itself controversial in the society.

Some journalists consider Apple Daily as a poisonous apple for Snow White. Next Television tries to put hemorrhaged money to secure a license from the island’s media regulator for Apple Daily, but the hardest part is the company’s criticisms of the pro-China stance of the ruling Kuomintang, or Nationalist Party.






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