Radio Taiwan International

Xinyi Li (xxl5093)

Radio Taiwan International serves as the “voice of Taiwan” also. It is established by the government in Taiwan, and it is also the only public media organization, which provides the international broadcasting. It provides about 13 languages, such as mandarins, Hakka, Cantonese, English, and Japanese etc. It is the first Chinese radio station that connects with a live broadcast. They broadcast more than 2,200 hours every week on average, and they have 28 professional recording rooms with complete equipment.



Radio Taiwan International has the strongest launcher in Taiwan with 9 substations. However, after the flood in 2009, it left 8 substations but it does not affect their signals of broadcasting. The total emission power is about 87,500 kW with the title of top ten emissive powers around the world. Its output power is 2.26 times more than the combination of all other stations, and it can include central southern in Taiwan, Mainland in China, and other states in around the world.


Radio Taiwan International also has a network for online services with 10 languages providing news sources, hosts introduction, world dynamics, and demand services.


(Click the image to connect the link of their network)

However, when I connect the link of the network, I do not get any political news but with case news instead. They offer the most popular news, blogs, and the most critical issues there but not about government officers.

At first, they belong to the mainland, but after divide of China, they move to Taiwan with Kuomintang. After moving to Taiwan, they became “Voice of Asia” with support of Kuomintang to focus on Asian areas. In 1981, they signed a contract with the Family Radio of the United States to report in North America.






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