CCTV Station in China

Xinyi Li (xxl5093)

CCTV is the abbreviation of China Central Television. It is one of the official medias of the People’s Republic of China, and it is under control of the nation. There are 45 channels that are classified to focus on different categories of contents. All these 45 channels are broadcasted by satellite. Otherwise, CCTV has the largest population of audiences in China, and the station has the most numbers of channels in the world. It is the most influential Chinese media.

CCTV not only faces to the mainland of China but also broadcasts channels with different languages. They have their own reporter station around the world, such as Washington D.C. in the United States and Nairobi in Kenya. They try to improve as an international news media.


This is the broadcasting building of CCTV in Washington.

The coverage rate of the population is about 95.5% with more than 1.188 billion audiences in China. In the domestic market, the household share keeps 30% of the sharing marketing of television. Every audience watches CCTV for 52 minutes every day on average with 154 minutes for totally TV watching.

Otherwise, the CCTV-9 is the English Documentary channel. It is the two languages in both Chinese and English and keeps broadcasting for 24 hours every day. This channel introduces about the Chinese traditional elements to the world.

CNTV is the network for CCTV online. People can find news, travel information, Chinese language learning, documentary, TV shows, videos, and photos online in CCNV for documentaries. It has both Chinese and English websites so that almost everyone can access the website to know China better. The best advantage of the CNTV is time-efficient because people can search what they are interested in online instead of watching everything. It has almost every channel in CCTV broadcasting, and the only difference is one is on the television, and another one is online.


(CNTV) This is the English website of CNTV.


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