Television Industry in Taiwan

Xinyi Li (xxl5093)

Television Industry Taiwan

Till 2004, there are about 60 national companies provide 93 satellite television channels while 19 foreign companies provide 42 channels in Taiwan. In 2005, there are around 63 cable television systems. Recently, the popularizing rate of the television in Taiwan is close to 100% with 85.2% of cable television popularizing rate.

In 2003, the Legislature passed the Cable Broadcasting Television Lawthe Broadcasting Television Law, and the Satellite Television Law. This movement means Kuomintang Party had exited the media. In fact, the central theme of the television industry does not change, and the only change is the ownership of television stations.

There are three main television stations in Taiwan: Taiwan Television (TTV), China Television (CTV), and Chinese Television System (CTS).


Taiwan Television (TTV) is the first television station in Taiwan, and it is the last radio station that the government utterly opted out.


Chinese television (CTV) is the second television company in Taiwan. It is a private television station, primarily servicing for the government and the inhabitants. It also services for commerce and education of Taiwan.


Chinese Television System (CTS) is the third television station. After wireless digital TV coming to the society, it is the only station that has double digital channel and distance education with the second UHF (Ultra High Frequency) channel.

There is one phrase, “the Forth Channel”, indicates the channels except the main three cable television stations. Because some areas in Taiwan cannot receive the signal,  people have to establish new cable stations to help to connect a television.


Currently, almost 100% cable television channels are transferred through satellite so that cable television has another name, satellite television. All channel signal outputs link to the satellite uplink, after receiving the digital signals from the satellite, and then send these signals to users.

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One thought on “Television Industry in Taiwan

  1. I thought this blog post was very interesting and informative. I had an idea about China media, but not the detail as this blog post shows. I know China needs press freedom and the information it provides. All the Internet users in China have to abide by Chinese laws and regulations. They also focus really hard on self-censorship. They have certain websites blocked to the general public. I couldn’t imagine living somewhere and having a certain website blocked. We take so much advantage of having free access to the Internet and being able to do whatever we want online. There are even agencies in China just for censoring the media. If you report things that aren’t supposed to be reported, there will be serious consequences. I agree with this post in that this will not last long. I think that the freedom of the country will eventual overcome the governmental control. This will take a while to happen, but if this is not blocked for the whole country, this is very possibly in the future. I just thought it was interesting when you compare our Internet use to Internet use in China. We have so much freedom with the media. Journalists have so much freedom with the media. When you see these countries taking serious control, it is crazy to think how the people of the country just follow the rules. They don’t know any better.

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